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40 year wedding anniversary celebration

Well, I usually photograph couples that are still dating, before they marry, a few after marriage and even those celebrating the day they met.

But, this time, it was a little different. The couple was simply celebrating 40 years of marriage on that day. Their daughter, and friend of mine Camile Arndt, gave them the photoshoot as a special present.

They are from São Miguel do Oeste in Santa Catarina, Brazil, but they live in a small town called Guaraciaba, where Irineu Ardnt was elected City Councilman this year, and where he personally told me that it is so safe and calm that people leave their doors unlocked. Something that is incredibly rare nowadays. He also told me another curious fact. On that same date, 40 years ago, the groom arrived late to church, getting there much later than the bride, lol.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures of this beautiful and fun couple.


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