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Julia & Malcolm wedding

I was anxiously awaiting for this wedding for some time - especially after I found out that it would happen at Ashdown Park Hotel - an amazingly beautiful location, full of history, with a small annexed church. Today it’s a luxury hotel in Sussex, England. A perfect location for a traditional English marriage. To be honest, I felt like I was part of a scene from The Crown series. The only thing missing was the period clothing.

I met the bride and groom, Julie and Malcolm, about two years ago when I was hired to photograph the bride’s sister wedding. So most of the family, friends and people at the ceremony already knew my work.

In spite of raining all day (I had to use an umbrella during all the external shots), making it hard to take external photos of the couple, it was not enough to outshine the glow of this beautiful wedding. In fact, you can see in the pictures that the wedding was full of fun moments. It was a day to remember for the couple, the family and this photographer.


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