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Livia & Fillipe’s wedding

Some time ago, I was contacted by a Brazilian girl who wanted to hire me to photograph their friends wedding here in London. Actually, Elisa lived in Rio and would come here to London just for the wedding, representing a group of friends who wouldn’t be able to come at the time, so they decided to give the couple the photo shoot as a wedding present – in other words, my work. I found the idea fantastic. But there was a small detail: the bride and groom didn’t know about it.

So, on the wedding day, I arrived at the apartment where they were getting ready, knocked at the door, with a wedding card in hand, which had a message from the group of friends. So, the groom Felipe open the door and I said:

“Hello! My name is Fernando, I am a photographer and I was hired by a group of your friends from Brazil to photograph your wedding” (between some nervous choking, I think that is what I said, haha). Anyway, after seeing his happy face and the bride’s reaction when she read the card, I was sure this wedding would be full of happy and emotional moments.

And, like I have already said on Facebook, I am deeply honoured for being chosen to register these very important moment in their lives. And, at the same time, I feel privileged to be paid for doing something that makes me fell good.

Take a look at the pictures and try not to be moved by them.

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