Photo tour - photoshoot in London

Well, like I've mentioned in another post before, I started photographing because of my trips (another passion of mine), just so I could register those moments and amazing places that I didn't want to forget. And in a short time I became a photographer especialised in landscapes. And, just as I do now, I used to explore places in tiny details, searching for different angles to photograph the tourist attractions that where already portrayed by millions of other photographers.

Then, from 2011 onwards, I started enjoying photographing people and so I combined both styles in one form of work: Photo tour - which consists of a photoshoot around tourist attractions in London or any other European city. This way, the tourists don't need to worry about taking selfies or have to ask others to take photos of them, and risk not having a great photo to remember their trip by, which would be a shame, since it's not everyday you get to visit Europe.

The Photo tour can be individual shoots as well as for couples, families, group of friends, bloggers, couples on their honeymoon, pre-wedding, etc.

Check out the available packages, and feel free to get in touch and book your photoshoot.

PS.: Ha um pacote especial para grupos com mais de 10 pessoas.

P.S.: There is a special package for groups of over 10 people.


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