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Pre-wedding in Windsor

Some time ago, eu was hired to photograph the wedding of Colin, an English man, and his bride Silvia, a Brazilian women, in Maidenhead, city that is about an hour away from London. And since they also wanted a pre-wedding photo shoot, I suggested we do it in the same region, rather than going to London, since there are some amazing locations in the countryside. But, all of the sudden, the idea of doing the shoot in a neighbouring city called Windsor came up, and I agreed immediately without having to think twice.

To those who don’t know, when I first arrived in England in 2011, I first lived in Windsor. I stayed there for about six months, just studying english, before moving to London.

Anyway, I ended up living in a flat located in the same building as the school, that was right next to Long Walk Park, also known as the Queen’s garden, since it is located behind Windsor’s Castle, which is the Queen’s oficial residence. And since I had a lot of free time back then, I used to explore and photograph the region on a daily basis. So I can honestly say that I know the city very well, which is relatively small by the way.

So, to those who live in London, or come by just to visit, I always recommend a day-trip to Windsor, and maybe even have some tea with the Queen, haha.

Check out the photos from the pre-wedding shoot with an adorable couple in an incredible location.


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