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Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

Well, to kickoff my blog, where I will show a little of my work and outings, I decided to start by showing the pictures of an incredible trip I did with a group of friends to Stonehenge.

On 20 June 2016 the summer Solstice was celebrated in the northern hemisphere, the date in which the longest day of the year happens.

On this day the entrance to Stonehenge park is free. And not only that, but it is authorised to visit the circle of rocks, which only happens during the summer and winter Solstice.

And the summer Solstice this year was also blessed by a wonderful full moon known as “strawberry moon”, which according to a few tribes in North America, marks the beginning of the season when the fruit is ready for harvest. The last time these two events coincided was over 70 years ago.

Last year, Stonehenge was visited by almost 24.000 people, but with some mess, fights, drugs and alcohol abuses happening, in 2016 the event organisers decided to forbid entering the park with alcohol, besides having a heavy surveillance against drug use (I saw A LOT of people being invited out of the park during the night). The result: the number of guests dropped to 12.000 people, which I already think is a large number.

Anyway, since it was the shortest night of the year, it was dark at 10pm, and sunrise happened around 4.50am, and I decided to stay up all night to photograph and enjoy the positive energy flowing through the air.

I hope you like the pictures.


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