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Tipi Wedding

A few days ago I worked for the first time at an authentic English wedding, or almost one. The ceremony between the lovely couple Alexandra and Alan was celebrated at St Giles’, Shermanbury Parish church in Horsham, approximately an hour away from London. A very old church and hard to access (we almost got lost on the way there), dated from 1135. Built with rustic wood and details that go back to Saxon time.

But, in contrast to the ceremony, the reception was out of the ordinary, in other words, it was a Tipi style wedding, celebrated in tents, with typical countryside musicians, rustic decoration and guests dressed up. In fact the invitation already suggested guests to use worn out boots so they could enjoy walks in the field. And to close the perfect day, the English weather gifted the couple with a sunny day, with a breathtaking sunset. Enjoy the photos without moderation.


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